Junk Mail Advertising Strategies For Killer Response

Junk Mail Advertising Strategies For Killer Response

Certainly one of my greatest thing to remember in advertising is “Make a move different.”

You won’t want to be seen as yet another company delivering out spam. Odds are, your prospect will get mail from companies much like yours each week. And in addition, you are rivaling different companies who bombard your prospect will spam. Each of them is pleading for the prospect’s attention.

What will you do to have their attention?

One thing I love about junk mail is that you could hit your target when nobody else around. Should you send a customized mail piece, you will probably be the sole person delivering them personal mail on that day. You’ve their attention. If they are thinking about cleaning, you have the interest of the super hot prospect.

Junk mail can also be the easiest method to stay in touch together with your current clients. Don’t depend around the card you left them or perhaps a refrigerator magnet. While individuals are great tools, they do not replace memory joggers within the mail.

When mailing to repeat clients, it’s okay to make use of bulk mail. However, when mailing to new prospects, bulk mail makes your mailing look much like Spam. To maintain your mailing from being regarded as spam, use top class. Also, result in the envelope seem like it originated from their Aunt Sally. Allow it to be seem like personal mail.

Here are a few other ideas to try that cost little to nothing extra:

Send your letter within an invitation envelope

Make use of a hot pink or any other colored envelope rather than standard whitened

Mail an extra-large postcard (1 / 2 of an 8 ½ x 11 inch page)

Use something apart from a flag in your top class stamp

Hands write your envelope or make use of a handwritten font when printing

If can’t handwrite the envelope, stay away from labels-print on the envelope

Put something bulky within the envelope to intrigue the recipient (band-helps, pen, etc)

Incorporate a card that restates your offer

Think as they are. It will require your organization to new levels. Your prospects is going to be interested as well as your current clients will remain interested.

Written by Mikel Jamir