Jobs On Offer In Kuala Lumpur

Jobs On Offer In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur offers a wide variety of jobs for people of all skill and experience levels. There are opportunities for people in a range of different sectors. The strength of Malaysia’s education system means that locals are able to compete for jobs alongside expats from other parts of the world who travel to the city to find work.

Here is a guide to the diverse range of jobs which are on offer in the Malaysian capital.

Customer Service

There are dozens of different customer service jobs on offer to people living in the city. Check out customer service jobs which will give you satisfaction as well as helping you to earn a decent wage at the same time.

Malaysia has a rapidly growing call centre industry which requires people to have an excellent standard of English and an excellent temperament when it comes to dealing with customers. Call centre staff need to be able to resolve problems quickly and make sure that their customers are completely satisfied when the call has ended.

Due to Malaysia’s standing as an international hub, there are hundreds of customer service jobs available at the airport including a flight attendant and check-in-desk operator. These jobs face a high level of competition, so it is incredibly important to be persistent when searching for employment.

Information Technology Industry

Malaysia is following the likes of Singapore and has rapidly become a centre of an information technology boom. There is a range of jobs in this field, from top-level consultants who advise companies about how they can get the most out of their IT system, to junior-level technicians whose job it is to fix broken computers and make sure that others are in good working order.

Architecture And Engineering

Kuala Lumpur is a rapidly growing city. The demand for new roads, houses and municipal buildings means that architects and engineers are in extremely high demand. Malaysia’s education system is producing a large amount of bright and motivated architects and engineers. These dedicated young Malaysians are able to challenge expats for the top jobs in these fields.


Doctors, Nurses And Surgeons

Malaysia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and is consistently ranked inside the top 10 for overall care. The wealth of the country means that Malaysia is able to train doctors and surgeons to the highest level possible. These determined young adults can then compete with expat doctors for jobs. The standard of Malaysia’s hospitals matches the high level of education which students receive.

Project Managers

Project managers are responsible for ensuring that tasks are done on time and that every member of the team is working to their full potential. Project managers must be able to balance several tasks at once including liaising with higher management and motivating staff. The job requires people to work well under pressure and to have an excellent grasp of English.

Hopefully, this guide has given you an insight into the kinds of jobs which are on offer in Kuala Lumpur.

Written by Mikel Jamir